1C block of 4 with position 9 missing dot


Inter-setting blocks

Each original sheet of 100 was divided into smaller post office panes before sold, inter-setting blocks is very difficult to come by.

Small 2C block of 19 with many varieties (positiongraph)

Small 2C block of 9 with margin and #100

This inter-setting block has multiple varieties. Position 10 ¡§¼È§@¡¨ shifted to the right. All such variety recorded is on position 20. Character ¡§¶l¡¨ has missing stroke upper-right. Some ink missing on ¡§cents¡¨. Extra ink on character ¡§¤j¡¨. First row position 20 is shifted to the right)

Small 2C block of 10 (position 16-20, 6-10)