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Printed by Waterlow and Sons in London are intended for use by the Maritime Customs. The 3 cents Red Revenue stamps of 1886 were later converted into postage stamps. Out of a sheet of 100 unsurcharged, only 54 copies have been recorded. This stamp has been recorded as No. 21 in the Huang’s Handbook (perf. 14). It is one of the most fresh copies exists.






The $5 surcharge was derived from large $1 by changing the Chinese fonts “One” and numeral “1” to “Five” and “5”. Even though 5,000 stamps were surcharged, nearly all were used on remittance certifications. Most certificates has to be destroyed by the government rule. The mint survival copies mostly were soaked off from the certificates. The mint OG copies are very hard to come by. The one shown with lower margin is plate position 24. The second one is position 8.





红印花加盖“当伍圆” 倒盖


The inverted $5 shown is plate position 2. I only know about 20 mint and used copies recorded.





Only two complete sheets (200 stamps) were printed with small 4.?Some considered the small 4 cents are printing proofs. However the used copies do exist. The mint copy is position 10 (with extra print on the base design upper right)





The used small 4 cents position 22 with 1897 Shanghai dollar cancel

Small 2 cents w/ sheet number 1453


Large $1 were primarily used for parcel posts and money orders. Multiples are rather scarce. There are only three copies of vertical strip of 4…one mint and two used. The used strip shown (position 7,12,17,22) cancelled with Swatow Pa Kua and and 9/7/97 dollar chop (inverted S in September)


Rare Pakhoi Cover to Germany via Hong Kong



Small 2 cents on 3 cents mint with original gum showing three varieties

1.      Middle Chinese character (Zhang) of the right vertical row shifted to right

2.      The suffused surcharge with the ink showing through partly on reverse

  1. The original front frame shifted up




Sept. 27 1899 cover to Hamilton, Canada (23.10) via Yokohama and Vancouver (3.10) bearing Red Revenue small 2C, ICP 4C, CIP 2C, cancelled by bilingual "Kiukiang" c.d.s . and Japan Koban 10s, cancelled by "Shanghai/I.J.P.O." c.d.s (30.9), a fine franking composed of three different issues and a very rare destination, there being only two covers recorded to Canada.


Large 2 cents with Chinese character “郵” missing. Part of the “2” also missing. Large 2 cents has the highest quality of prints. There are very little varieties in this value




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